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our vineyards

Altogether, Avidos Douro consists of approximately 42 acres of vineyards. Amongst them, the main properties are Quinta do Sardoal and Quinta das Salgueiras. Quinta do Sardoal is located very close to the Douro River, at heights above 490ft and varied sun exposure - between dusk and northwest sun -, producing powerful grapes. Quinta das Salgueiras is located at heights of up to 1,800ft, and produces more fresh and fruited grapes. The vines are 12 to 25 years old, and have been planted by grape variety. This allows for separate harvests, allowing for harvesting in the ideal time for each grape variety, just at their right ripeness, as well as separate vinifying of the different varieties. The existence of grapes from different varieties and cultivated at different heights allows for more balanced cuts, year after year. This results in surprisingly balanced wines, of remarkable quality.